Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The evil large corporation

Yesterday at a town hall meeting here in Princeton, WV a woman stated that, several of her uninsured patients were employed by a large corporation that refuses to make them full time, because then they would have to give them benefits. HMMM, let me wonder whom she may be referring to.

I may not remember the days when in most families the man was the main breadwinner and he knew that was his place and the woman knew her place were at home. However, I did grow up that way. My mom took care of her home and my dad worked. The reason Even if a woman went to work it was usually a few hours a week while her kids were at school or even in the evenings when her husband was home. The man in the family carried the full time hard working job and she either worked to put extra spending money in her pocket or to help out with the finances.

Assuming, and I know what happens when you assume, this woman was referring to Wal-Mart I found the most interesting facts. About 65% of all employees at Wal-Mart are women. I will assume that many of these women are your regular run of the mill cashiers. I will also assume that many of these women have not attended college. I will once again assume that many of these women have children.

Back in the day when a family consisted of a father, mother and children the system of women working part time would be ideal. The man in a family would be the one to be responsible for health insurance and being the main breadwinner in the family. I know that times have changed but why? Why are men no longer required to be the main breadwinner? And when I say required I mean that if he didn’t either his Father or someone else would have a nice chat with him. He would have been raised to understand that was his responsibility when he grew up. He would know that taking care of his family was his main responsibility in life. If our society still raised little boys like this maybe just maybe most of our national problems wouldn’t exist. Taxpayers may not need to pay for so many children born to single mothers. Taxpayers may not need to pay for so many “men” who try their best to work the system and believe they are owed something just because they were born in America. Taxpayer may not need to pay for so many “men” who are in prison.

We sissify our little boys and we raise our little girls to expect her future husband to be sissified. We raise her to be the one in a “family” to lead. What would it be like if that never happened? What would it be like if a girl was still raised to be a lady and a little boy was still raised to be a gentleman?

I am all for strong women. We have to be strong. I do not believe that a woman’s place is to be barefoot and pregnant or to be controlled by her husband. I do believe that God created us to be different and for woman to be a help mate to man.

Back to Wal-Mart and back to my assumptions. I would bet that if one of these women has a child and this child gets sick she is the one to stay home with the child. I would also bet that she misses work for her children frequently. Why would Wal-Mart make someone like this fulltime? Why would they promote someone like this? And if Wal-Mart promoted a majority of their work force to fulltime how would it affect us? Answer we would pay for it. Their prices would rise instead of fall. Instead of caution falling prices ahead it would be caution rising prices ahead.
This country is designed to have the working class. This country was built on hard work. The ones who can run and manage this country are the ones who got rich. Not everyone in this great nation is made by God to manage. Some of us are made by God to work with our hands and work hard. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not the fault of big corporations that it is the way it is. We are all given the opportunity to be the one who gets rich and be the one who manages instead of making money from our manual labor. The ones that get to the leadership roles do so by initiative. What is wrong with that?

I believe in my heart that if we stop raising our boys to be women and stop raising our girls to be boys that most of our nation’s problems would solve themselves.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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