Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Am I a racist?

Am I a racist? I am not sure today. Do I have black friends? Yes. Do we agree politically? Probably not. Are we still friends? I would like to think so.

However today the media, past presidents and congress women are saying that I am a racist. Not because I will not associate with a black person, not because I have said I hate black folks. Not even because I have used the "N" word. They are all calling me and many others like me racist because I disagree with a president, who is half black and half white.

Do I disagree with him because he is half black? NO that has nothing to do with it. I disagree with him because he is a LIBERAL who wants to destroy this country! I also disagree with a white woman from San Francisco who holds the same beliefs as a half black man who is president of the country that I love.

So there all you liberal so called journalist and all you liberal politicians who are running scared. This country is red white and blue not black and white!

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