Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Speech

I just watched Barack Obama give his racism speech. He is a very gifted speaker I give him credit for that. However he did not unite anything or anyone. In fact I never heard him say Americans each time he was referencing a problem that faces American he separated Americans by their race. Whites, Blacks and Hispanics face health care crisis. Not Americans face this problem. He also blamed Corporate for all of the economic problems. He said that Men and Women are loosing their jobs because they are being shipped overseas. He never once mentioned the fact that this country has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. That may have something to do with it.

He also broached racism and its reasons. Blacks hate white America because of the history of legal separation and their historical oppression. That because a black man could not support his family in the past he got frustrated and left the family to fend for themselves and that has led to the erosion of the black family. Men sleeping with several different women at the same time because they are "players" and want to be "ballers". Then fathering several different children that he cannot afford to take care of because he dosen't have a job has nothing to do with the erosion of the black family. He said that this historical oppression has led to the gap in education between whites and blacks. They don't know any better. Whites felt so "guilty" for this oppression that we have given them more opportunities more advantages than either my children, my husband or myself will ever have. Yet they do not take advantage of them. They milk our economy dry by having more children than they can support and then abandoning them for grandparents to raise while they go get knocked up again. Obama stated that this white resentment built the Regan coalition and is fueled by the talk show hosts of America.

These talk show hosts give us information that we cannot get from the biased media. I am angry at blacks who take advantage of the system, but I am just as angry at the whites who do the same thing. It is not the fault of Reagan that I am a racist. I can't say for sure that I am a racist. I am angry though. I am angry that I work and work and they get and get. But who they are is the question. True wellfare reform would help this anger instead of continuing to give and give.

But why is it always the whites fault. Why is it that blacks and other minorities can walk around acting like idiots. Blaring bass from their cars, wear their pants down to their cracks, get loud at everything, walk around half dresses to go to the mall and speak in a manner that is hideous. Yet then complain they don't get any respect. Yet when a white person who just wants everyone to respect themselves and act civilized speaks out against them they are racist.

I pray that Obama does not even come close to being the next president. He has deep rooted hate for whites and I know that it will come out in his policies.

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